NY Diaries: Storm King Art Center


 "Storm King Art Center: Where Nature Meets Art" 

Located in the well-known Hudson Valley, the Storm King Art Center is a sprawling 500-acre outdoor museum, the largest cultural gem in Cornwall. Established in 1960, it seamlessly blends art with breathtaking natural beauty.

Outdoor Art Oasis

Storm King Art Center's vast landscape, complete with stunning mountain views, offers various ways to explore – whether you prefer walking, biking, or a picturesque picnic, it caters to all.

Capture the Moment

It's a photographer's dream, with countless photoshoots happening amid the awe-inspiring sculptures. You can also snap your own memorable moments.

Dine, Shop, Discover

The park boasts a café, a gift shop, and a visitor center filled with insightful exhibits. Excitingly, the visitor center is set to be rebuilt for an even better experience.


Admission Hacks

While entry isn't free, you can score a deal based on the number of passengers and your visit's timing, ranging from $23 for one to $110 for a car with six people. Pro tip: Check if your local library is a part of the membership program. If they are you can check out a free pass for up to six people in one car – a budget-friendly way to enjoy this artistic paradise!

Unearth the fusion of art and nature at Storm King Art Center – a must-visit Hudson Valley gem.

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