NYC Diaries: Sweet Indulgence at Levain Bakery

Dive into the heart of New York City's culinary scene with a visit to Levain Bakery, a beloved establishment renowned for its heavenly cookies. As someone who is recently on a gluten and dairy-free journey (trying it for 3 months!), I was thrilled to discover their very popular vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip walnut cookie.

Expecting a light treat, I was quite surprised by the cookies' density, resembling delightful bricks of flavor. I mean these things are weighty! Despite my initial hesitation, the taste surpassed all expectations. The sheer size of the cookie tempted me to save half for later, but its irresistible allure led me to savor every crumb in one sitting.

While my focus was on the gluten-free gem, my parents explored the broader menu, indulging in the seasonal delights of peppermint mocha cookies and ginger pumpkin bread. Their enthusiastic approval echoed my sentiment – Levain Bakery is not just hype; it's a quintessential NYC experience.

Whether you're adhering to dietary preferences or seeking a blissful sugar rush, Levain Bakery stands out as a must-visit destination, leaving an indelible mark on your taste buds.

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