Arizona Diaries: Was the Taylor Swift eras concert worth it?


I have been a fan of Taylor for quite a while now. A sentiment that I am sure so many people say. I mean can you blame us? She’s not only a talented singer, but also a composer, and a genius song writer.

Now, I am not one of those fans who has been to everyone of Taylor's concerts but I did go to her 1989 tour and it was fantastic. So, I was pretty excited when I found out she would be touring after pandemic for a compilation of all her albums, especially since her two albums Folklore & Evermore she wrote and tea during pandemic got most of us through pandemic. I know 90% of my playlist during covid lockdown was Taylor! Of course, me and about a million other people felt the same way, so as we all saw on the news snagging a ticket through Ticketmaster was all literal Nightmare.

 Of course I waited in the virtual cue for hours and never got a ticket, the site crashed on me! So I thought my dreams were over, but due to an extremely cool person I not only got a ticket but I got to go to the opening show in Glendale, Arizona. I know I still can’t believe this happened to me! 

I quickly decided to make this Arizona experience not only about Taylor but to make it a trip that also encompassed a lot of basking in nature. We really took advantage of the beautiful hikes and natural wonders Arizona had to offer.


I highly recommend going to Arizona if you love hiking or just beautiful scenery. Being there was a nice reminder to me that I don't have to go out of the country to experience breathtaking views! Pictured above is us at Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

The question still remains though, with all the hassle of trying to get tickets, having to fly to the other side of the country, and dealing with the massive crowd worth it? Or was the eras tour just all hype?

I will give my honest unfiltered opinion here and the answer is 100% yes, it was worth all the hassle and more!

This concert was not just hype but as cheesy as it sounds it was a beautiful work of art. This is also one of the longest concert I have ever been to and let me tell you this girl basically put on a broadway show.

The costumes were beautiful and colorful. I will say, (remember honest and unfiltered opinion here) I don't think Taylor is the best dancer (sorry Tay!) but I think she made the show fun and interesting. 

She played a wonderful set list, with cool staging she  constantly had changing. It felt like no 3 songs had the the same background or props. Also she had tons of theatrics, such as having people on bicycles  surrounding her doing tricks as she performed and even though she may not be the best dancer she had a crew of amazing dancers doing all kinds of routines surrounding her. It was amazing!

So if you are on the fence if you should go (maybe her Latin America or European leg do the tour?) I am here to tell you go for it!