Free Bible Journal Printable- Compatible with Good Notes


I love journaling and I have so many journals around my room to prove it! 

Every year I would find myself scouring the aisle of Michaels and Tj Maxx looking for the newest journal that dropped. From bullet journals to gratitude journals, the "journal industry" can always find new ways for me to spend my money.

When I found out about digital journaling it rocked my world. Even though I love the feel of pen to paper, I couldn't deny the fact that digital journaling is amazing because it makes my room less cluttered (I have to store those store bought journals somewhere), it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper (since I don't have to buy pens, stickers, whiteout, etc..), and I can easily erase any mistake I make when writing. 

I found that digital journaling is a very popular item on Etsy and though they're some very beautiful ones I figured I could create one myself. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand why people charge for these journals- it takes hours to make them but I thought it would be nice to offer what I created free to my readers.

My goal is to keep creating different journals that touch different aspects of life. I started with one of my favorite things, Bible study. So below is the link to download it for yourself. Hope you enjoy it!