NYC Diaries: My 6 thoughts on the Broadway musical SIX


Imagine swiping right on Tinder and ending up as one of King Henry VIII’s wives. Welcome to the modern madness of “Six,” the Broadway musical that’s taking history to a whole new level.

1. It's history with a Modern Twist:

“Six” reinvents history in a modern setting, blending historical characters with a contemporary backdrop. It’s like Tudor England meets today’s social media, creating a brilliantly funny storyline.

2. It is so hype!

“Six” feels more like a concert than a traditional Broadway show. With amazing songs and dance moves, it’s a musical experience that’ll have you grooving in your seat.

3. It's Short, Sweet, and Engaging:

This musical is short, but every second is captivating. No intermission means you’re hooked from start to finish, making it perfect for a dynamic night out.

4. It has amazing audience Interaction:

“Six” breaks the fourth wall, engaging with the audience. Expect fist bumps, standing ovations, and even some dance moves of your own.

5. It's Broadway Made Easy:

Whether you’re new to Broadway or you simply prefer shorter shows, “Six” is a fun and exciting introduction to the world of theater. 

6. "Six" is a must-see!

“Six” is a laugh-out-loud, modern history lesson that delivers a unique theater experience. With its modern twist and interactive charm, it’s the perfect show for a trendy night out. Don’t miss this royal romp through history! Five stars all the way!

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