Boston Diaries: 3 Restaurant Recommendations

    A quick 24 hours in Boston was just not enough time to explore everything Boston had to offer but it did afford me the opportunity to try a few things that I am so happy to be able to share with you all. 

I went to Boston in late October which is right in the height of fall, right after the leaves had peaked in color.  Though Boston is known to have chiller temperatures in the fall in comparison to New York we actually ended up having a moderately cold day where only a light jacket was required and the sun was shinning beautifully. 

We took public transportation which included both the train and bus. I highly recommend doing this because it was extremely economical and also very easy to use.  Also, trying to park in downtown Boston is a nightmare unless you want to pay the steep parking deck prices.

They're workers standing at the electronic ticket booths that are happy to answer any questions you may have. You have an option to buy a single use card or a reloadable multiuse card. If you are going to be using both the bus and a train or you or going to be using public transportation for more then 2 rides definitely buy the reusable card it will save you money.

Here are 3 must try food recommendations: 

1. Get Boba Tea from Café Darq

This Boba tea spot is located in Boston's China Town district. It's a small café with lots of outdoor seating. They have so many interesting tea flavors that I have never seen at other Boba shops. They also have a niche in specialty chocolates. 

2. Eat Ramen @ Tora Ramen 

After you drink the delicious Boba at Cafe Darq step basically across the street to Tora. This restaurant is another hole in the wall in Boston’s historic China town but don’t let the restaurant’s size fool you, the ramen here packs a major punch. The menu isn’t too big  nor is the price but the ramen is simply fantastic.

2. Grab a bowl or burrito from Taqueria 

Okay this may not look pretty but man did it taste good! Located right near Harvard University Taqueria is one of the best cheap eats in all of Boston. This place will give you Chipotle vibes except with out all the extra charge to get steak, queso, or anything else your heart desires. It’s a fast casual restaurant admits a row of very fancy sit down restaurants but it’s no  secret you will find many Harvard students sitting at the tables chowing down.