North Carolina Diaries: Raleigh's Best Coffee Shops


Raleigh, NC is an up and coming city that millennials are making home. It's close to major colleges like NC State, Duke, and UNC Chapel Hill, it's affordable though prices are quickly increasing, and its full of so many fun restaurants.

Whenever a city finds itself near major colleges it is bound to have great coffee, (these college kids need something to keep them up when they are up late hitting the books) and Raleigh is no exception.

Below are some cafe's that I frequented a lot when I lived in the City of Oaks that I highly recommend you check out too!

1. Yellow Dog Bread Company

Yellow Dog Bread Company is one of my favorite places to take people when they first visit Raleigh. It has almost a Parisian feel to it with their freshly baked bread and creative pastries. 

They seasonally change some of their features drinks like their Strawberry Lavender Latte they have in the summer or their Mexican Latte that as has a major spicy kick, perfect for the cold winter months.



2. Sola

Pictured above is the photo-worthy mural painted on the outside of Sola's walls. As the mural
Shows, this coffee shop is all about community!

The menu extends beyond coffee and pastries but also has sandwiches, salads, wine, and beer. So this is a great spot to go to in for dinner or for wine and there oh, so very delicious cinnamon donuts.

True story I once was eating here with a friend and at the table next to us a guy proposed to his girlfriend. Of course, everyone erupted in applause, just another way to show how this shop is so important to so many people in the Raleigh area.


3. Jubala 

Jubala has two locations and it is known for two things (besides its coffee), waffles and biscuits. Both are delicious and you can get them both savory or sweet.

Jubala has such a great atmosphere with long wooden tables that fit multiple people as well as a great outdoor space. Whenever I go here I not only see people on their laptops but I also see a lot of families with kids. It really adds to a happy environment and it totally makes sense since both their coffee + food (you have to try a waffle!) taste amazing!

4. Fount Coffee + Kitchen

Fount is such a fun coffee shop with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. When it’s nice weather the sides of the building that are glass garage doors will completely lift up so you can have that outdoor feeling even when seating inside.

One cool thing fount has is Kombucha on tap! Also, the baristas aren’t afraid to make you a special latte that’s not on the menu if you just ask.

The menu here also has a variety of specialty topped toasts and smoothie bowls.