Tennessee Diaries: Knoxville’s Frothy Monkey

On a recent trip to Knoxville, Tennessee I was in a dire need for a caffeine fix. I found the best coffee shop that I have to tell you all about!

It’s called the Frothy Monkey and it is located right in the middle of downtown. The only thing that I was upset about in this place is that I didn’t have time to explore all that this coffee shop had to offer.

Apparently, this cafe is not only a coffee shop but also a restaurant and a wine bar. I didn’t get to try the food (or the wine) but while I was waiting for my coffee to be made I saw the meals they brought out and boy did they look good!

One thing that I loved about the coffee shop is that they had a 3 different types of plant based milks including my favorite Macadamia milk!

The first day, I ordered their signature drink the Turtle Latte. It’s espresso, steamed milk, house made caramel, chocolate sauce, and frothy monkey pecan syrup.

This drink was pretty decadent and it was as delicious as the menu described it. I decided to get it iced which was a great decision. Just a little note,  their iced drinks only come in one size. I wish you could get it larger because this drink was so good I guzzled it down within seconds.

The next day I ordered one of their seasonal drinks, S’more’s Than a Feeling. It’s espresso, steamed chocolate milk, house-made honey graham inspired syrup + a toasted marshmallow.

I decided to get this one hot and again another great decision. The drink was delicious and the toasted marshmallow (that they toasted right in front of you) was just an added special touch.

So if you find yourself in downtown Knoxville definitely check out the Frothy Monkey.