I was so excited when my very loving husband offered to make a detour to try Cinnaholic on our recent trip to Atlanta. The closest store is 3 hours away from our home, so when he knew we would be passing two on our way down south he already knew how badly I wanted to stop. Even though this place has not been around for long, only opening in 2010, I would dare to say that it is already famous. The start up business show Shark Tank can be credited for that. One  major reason for all the buzz around this place, is that it is a COMPLETELY Vegan bakery!! 


Vegan Matcha Latte

   Matcha is an acquired taste for many but my love for it runs deep within. People have been drinking Matcha for hundreds of years, getting its start in the Eastern World. I think it's awesome that Matcha has become so popular that you can literally order it anywhere.

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