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6 DIY Spices to Spice up any Meal

Spices are the key element that is needed to turn a meal that is blah, plain, ordinary, or tasteless into a meal that is scrumptious, flavorful, soulful, or down right delicious.

Easy DIY Coffee Scrub


One of the easiest and cost effective ways to be more sustainable without having to exert much effort, is to reuse food scraps.

6 Practical tips to living more sustainably


Which weirdly delicious flavor combo are you?


From Sriracha and peanut butter to olive oil and ice cream, take this two-minute quiz to discover your flavor of weird 

Vegan Bacon

The next time you want to surprise your love with breakfast in bed, make sure to add my delicious crispy vegan bacon. I promise you will not be disappointed. 


If you follow my instagram page ( *hint hint*) you will know how much I love a good burger, especially a black bean one. Since restarting my meatless journey I have gone to many restaurants on the hunt for the perfect burger. Think more thick and hearty and less mushy. I absolutely hate a mushy con…

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