Okay, Okay I already know what you are thinking...Beets in a latte..NO WAY!!

Let me tell you, my beetroot latte will have you loving beets so badly you will be dreaming of them.

First, let me tell you WHY you should be eating beets.

Below is a little diagram I created to show you all the benefits of eating this superfood.

Still not convinced?

Well, then you just have to try it to prove me wrong!

Seriously, you will not be disappointed. And don't worry this latte does not have an "earthy" taste as many have described what eating raw beets tastes like.

This latte encompasses the rich notes of cinnamon and ginger combined with just a subtle note of the beetroot. 

It really is a velvety smooth latte you just can not get enough of. Plus, it's easy to make and so chock-full of beneficial properties for both your body and skin that you won't feel like you are indulging in a treat when drinking this, rather your body will be thanking you that you did!


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