Beyond Gyro Sandwich

I am a major fan of Mediterranean food! 

Culturally this type of cuisine is filled with bold and robust flavors and almost every popular dish you can think of can be remade into something vegetarian friendly.

I have actually found it to be a fun game to see how I can create certain meat-heavy dishes and make them vegetarian or vegan without sacrificing the integrity of the dish. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose majorly (let’s not talk about my epic eggplant bacon fail!).

A great example of a win would be my Mediterranean Chickpea Salad, which is one of my favorite salads to pack for lunch! Typically, this is dish is made with chicken but I decided to swap out the chicken for chickpeas. These Garbanzo beans perfectly soak up all that good flavor and they add a good portion of protein to the meal.

Another go-to Mediterranean meal we like to eat for dinner is my Roasted Chickpea Gyros. Again, chickpeas serve as a good substitute, and my husband and I love this meal because it is quick and easy to make. Seriously, there is barely any cooking involved. The only “cooking” I do, is opening a can of chickpeas and throwing them into the air fryer, it really couldn’t be easier.

Recently, I made this recipe but instead of chickpeas, I used Beyond meat. You can find beyond meat in the ground beef section of any grocery store and it is scary how much it actually looks like ground beef.

Beyond is one of my favorite plant-based “meat” companies, but you could use any Plant-based crumbles for this recipe. The key is really in how you flavor it.

For something like this, I love a sweet element as well as something that brings some heat. My go-to is a little honey and a little sriracha but of course, if you are vegan you can use agave instead and really any of your favorite hot sauces.

I’ve also noticed when cooking with meatless crumbles that cooking it a little longer only makes it taste better. If it is not cooked long enough then the crumbles can be mushy but by taking time to let it firm up it really makes it taste incredible.

Click the link for the printable recipe


Patty said…
I Love Gyros! This looks Amazing I cant wait to try this with those Beyond Meat packs. I've seen them in the grocery store and have been looking for a reason to make them.

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