My favorite bread recipe!

I love a thick on the outside but soft on the inside loaf of bread!

I feel like bread has definitely made a comeback. 10 years ago people were afraid to eat a slice, let alone a few slices of bread for fear of what carbs would do to their figure. Now, everyone and their mama is eating avocado toast for breakfast & lunch combined with a delicious piece of sourdough with their dinner. I am so happy we are not afraid of carbs anymore!

With this being said I definitely jumped on the sourdough bandwagon during the pandemic. Having a little baby sourdough starter and burping it at night was something so special (awww!), I have some really fond memories of that time, but it is definitely something I DO NOT miss (my baby grew up and left me!).

 As delicious as sourdough is, it is work. and whoever said it's easy, yeah they are lying.

Since I realized my schedule does not accommodate the time it takes to make a sourdough loaf I was on the hunt to still have the benefits of delicious homemade bread with 1/2 of the work. Well, drumroll please... this is that beautiful, too good to be true, easy as pie bread recipe!

You only need 5 ingredients and this bread is guaranteed to turn out delicious. It's fail-proof. Trust me, you will want to eat the whole loaf yourself. Good thing this recipe makes 2 loaves (one for you & one to share).

Click here to watch the recipe video:

Click the link for the printable recipe:


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