Matcha Cold Foam @ Starbucks

If you know you know. . . 

And if you know me you know that I am a major fan of Starbucks! 

Is Starbucks overpriced?


Can you make most of their drinks at home?

You sure can.

Is it convenient and delicious?

You bet ya!

And that's why they keep me coming back! 

So now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about how I am always on the hunt to order the coolest and most innovative drink that is not on their actual menu, especially when I have a free reward.

This need to order something crazy means that it literally takes me forever to figure out my drink order and when I finally do figure it out it is something that's so long when said out loud I always feel a little bit embarrassed, but not too embarrassed not to order it! This is especially true when I order with my husband whose drink is typically just a cafe miso add a pump of cinnamon dolce. Clearly, I am the guac (soo extra) in the relationship!

The newest secret creation that I stumbled upon that I felt was so amazing that I had to create a blog post about is less about a drink and more about a drink topper. I'm talking Matcha Cold Foam!

What is cold foam? 

Let's just say cold foam does to a cold drink what whipped cream does to a hot drink.

Is it necessary? 


But does it take your drink to a whole new level?


I love matcha so asking them to add a scoop of matcha to there vanilla cold foam is simply put, perfection. It is almost like matcha dalgona (a.ka. whipped coffee) but much lighter and airier.

Click this link for my whipped matcha recipe:

Of course, the perfect complement to this delicious matcha drink is a strawberry drink. So here is how you can order the most bomb strawberry matcha drink from Starbucks (fair warning this drink is not cheap):


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