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Cold Spring, New York

I am a major fan of visiting small towns! I love the quaint charm that a small town offers such as a Main Street filled with delicious coffee shops and creative mom & pop stores with store owners who know all their customers by name.

As soon as I start daydreaming about planning a visit to my dream small-town destination my brain immediately pictures Gilmore Girls.

I understand there is probably no actual town like the fictional Stars Hallow but there are some super cool places to visit that have Luke-like establishments and quirky eccentric townspeople like Taylor or Kirk.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Cold Springs, NY for the first time and found that it has all the charm and then some of Stars Hallow.

Cold Spring is beautifully situated right on the Hudson River. As you drive into town you will see some of the absolute cutest homes mixed in with quaint but highly rated restaurants and a few shops.

We went at the tail end of summer so the weather was a bit cooler but the flowers were still in bloom and you could tell how much people loved flowers by how it was incorporated in almost every property we saw. In particular, we saw so many sunflower stalks growing in some of the most random spots. Flowers always add such beauty to an environment, so I loved seeing them.

To get to the water you have to travel (travel as in walk less than 1 minute) through an old train tunnel. It was super neat and the tunnel walls were lined with graffiti.

On one side of the tunnel is the main street and as soon as you pop out of the other side you see a breathtakingly picturesque spot perfect for a romantic picnic or just a place to take out a blanket and book and enjoy creation, one of the best therapies.

I love how the tunnel basically separates two different worlds! Of course, we could not have visited a place like this without trying one of their most talked-about food spots..well more like dessert spots!

Maggie Moo's ice cream is a local cash-only spot that has rotating flavors that change daily. We heard a lot about this place before visiting so we wondered if it would actually live up to the hype.

 Well, I will say it lived up to every amazing word that was said about it. The customer service was as on point as the creamy soft flavorful ice creams. I especially loved that they let you split your scoop with two flavors instead of having to pay more for a whole other scoop.

There are also a ton of flavors so I would suggest going to their website beforehand to have an idea of what you would like to order.

Also to note, due to Coivd they only had a walk-up window available no indoor ordering or seating. But with the water literally across the street with tons of park benches, it's nice to eat your scoop or two by the water.

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