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5 things you should know Before traveling to Paris!


I’ve traveled to many major cities from New York to London to Milan and I would have to say that Paris is one of the most romantic places I have ever been to.

Love certainly fills the streets of the city of lights from the beautiful music playing at cafes that are always filled with stylishly dressed people to the diamond-like lights shining at night from the Eiffel Tower.

As much as people (including myself!) can romanticize Paris it’s still a big city with big city ways, like any other major touristy city in the world. So it’s great to have a few tips in your back pocket, so your head won’t totally be in the clouds while you roam the beautiful Parisian streets. 

Here are my top 5 things you should know:

  1. Learn a few French words- We have all heard the stereotype that the French don’t like Americans. I personally hate stereotypes like this! I feel like those types of cliches leave people making assumptions about others that just aren’t true. We met so many lovely & helpful Parisians that really added to the enjoyment of our trip. I truly feel that learning just a few basic words helped. And when I say basic, I knew the bare minimum such as Bonjour (Hello!), Merci ( Thank You!), Merci Beaucoup (Thank you very much!), Au Revoir (Goodbye!) but by saying these things when entering a shop or asking for directions really help those when we were speaking to, to know how much we appreciated & respected the French culture. Then in turn everyone we spoke to was extremely lovely to us.

  2. Don’t overpay for macarons- If you have been on my Instagram then you will know how much I love macarons. They are my favorite cookie and there is no better place in the world than France to get this delicious treat. You will find that you can literally buy these cookies everywhere in the city, from the famous French patisserie Ladurée to the Golden Arches, yes that’s right McDonalds! As much as I loved going to Ladurée, I would say just buy 1 cookie for the experience of going and then buy the rest of your macarons at a less inexpensive place. It may not have all the frills that Ladurée has, but l am talking about a difference of it costing you about .50cent a cookie as opposed to $4 a cookie. And don’t worry the quality will not be sacrificed, the French know how to do this cookie right so don’t be afraid of buying these goodies from somewhere not so “fancy”, even from the grocery store.

    3.   Don’t miss the street art- Paris is known for hosting the world’s most famous artists and artwork, such as the Mona Lisa. You can literally get lost in the Louvre staying hours looking at all the beautiful artwork. As amazing as it is, Paris has so many cool places to look at the artwork for free. The graffiti is out of this world and it’s worth taking your own walking tour to admire these incredible paintings.
  1. Buy the Museum Pass- It may seem expensive for €66 ( $77.96) but at that price, you can use it for 4 days (or 96hours) and it gets you into basically every top museum and monument that you would want to see (besides the Eiffel Tower). It is honestly so worth the money! You can see things like the Louvre mentioned earlier, the Arc de Triomphe, and Chateau de Versailles to name just a few. Individually these attractions would be costly, plus this pass allows you to skip the long line waiting to buy tickets.


5. Take the train- The subway or public train system, can seem intimidating but it really isn’t that complicated and it will save you big bucks when it comes to transportation. It’s also a nice way to get the real feel of what Parisian life is like. 

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