Mount Beacon Hiking Trail


If you thought that the only thing New York had to offer was NYC (Yes, NYC is only a city in New York State ) then you have majorly been missing out.

Upstate New York has many adorable small towns filled with unique stores and interesting art. 

There are beautiful orchards throughout these towns, and with September quickly approaching (literally, it's next week!) apple picking is a prime activity! 

With all those apples, you better believe there are apple donut stands on every corner and cider mills. The most famous cider mill, in my opinion, in the area is Angry Orchard. They sell hard ciders nationwide and they even give you a free flight of new ciders before it hits stores when you visit. 

Besides picking apples, New York State also has beautiful hiking trails that allow you to form a new appreciation for creation. Some of these trails feel like a lazy Sunday stroll when walking on it, and then there are a few that are definitely for experienced hikers only.

Mount Beacon is one of those trails that falls right in the middle. I wouldn't suggest this for a novice but it's not like climbing Everest either. 

There are many trails you can access on Mount Beacon. The one we decided on, took us a little under an hour to make it to the summit and it was only about a mile.

The peak of Mount Beacon is 1,531 feet (467m). So,  yeah it is all uphill and pretty rocky, so wear shoes with a good grip!

Don't let that intimidate you though, I didn't do any research before going and so I wore jeans and Birkenstocks (whoops!). I got to the top with those on, so I know you can too, especially if you have on sneakers.

 The upward hike is 100 % worth the stunning views of the Hudson River. We took this hike last week  (so the end of August) but I can only imagine how even more gorgeous these trails become in fall when all the trees change colors.

Also to note, if you are looking for something cold and delicious to drink after the hike (I am pretty sure you will be very thirsty!) then check out a local spot in the town of Beacon called Matcha Thomas.

It's a fast-casual teahouse serving vegan & gluten-free food. I suggest getting their most classic drink, Strawberry Boba with Matcha!


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