Vegan fast-food restaurants are starting to open all around the U.S. and I am totally here for it! I remember a few years ago when the only vegan fast food spot was Amy's located in California, and I am still painfully waiting for my opportunity to be able to try it. 

It is so exciting that now you don't have to live in a major city or trendy states such as Cali or New York to be able to benefit from quick and delicious vegan food.

I especially appreciate how this has changed up the road-tripping game! Instead of having to pack peanut butter crackers and carrots and hummus out of the necessity of dying of starvation (I know...I know... I am being so overly dramatic), you can pack them simply out of enjoyment because you know on your 13 hours drive there will be plenty of vegan fast food stops to choose from.

PLNT BURGER is one of the newest fast food spots that if you are ever in the DMV (Delaware - Maryland - Virginia ) area you must stop and try it!  
I think it is so cool that they decided to locate this restaurant inside Whole Foods grocery stores.

You can either order on the app or go in and simply order, sorry no drive-thru window as of yet. I personally ordered on the app and I will say I appreciated how quickly they made my food. One of my biggest pet peeves is cold, no I take that back lukewarm food. Ugh, there is honestly nothing worst especially when you are hungry. At least when it's cold you know where you stand but Lukewarm is just weird. So to see how speedily they made things so that the food was still hot, definitely helped this restaurant to score high remarks in my book.

The menu at Plnt Burger mainly consists of burgers, which they use Beyond Meat and "Chicken" sandwiches, which they use King Oyster Mushrooms as the "Chicken". And let's be real what else would you expect from a fast food place? I will mention they do also sell sausages, chili, and ice cream.

Even though I am sure you all may already know that this is NOT a healthy food spot, let me just say this. I would verge to say it is probably healthier than typical fast food places but this is by no means in any way shape or form "healthy". This would definitely be considered vegan JUNK food.

So, since I've had a Beyond Burger millions of times (and don't get me wrong I am not complaining I love Beyond Burgers) for my first time at Plnt Burger I decided to go with the chicken sandwich. And boy it did not disappoint!


I have never had King Oyster Mushrooms so I had no clue what to expect but this sandwich smelled and tasted like a legit chicken patty. There was really no way to tell that it was mushrooms that they used as the patty. This was surprising because the texture was so spot-on as chicken.

 There is more than one chicken sandwich, I ordered the SPICY CHIK N FUNGUY SANDWICH. Plnt Burger's website describes it as, " crispy fried oyster mushroom stems, house-made hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, garden herb mayo".

I would 100% encourage anyone to try this sandwich. The way they fried the mushrooms was at a perfect consistency. It wasn't too hard but it also wasn't soft, that way the buffalo sauce held up well. Also, I typically do not like vegan cheese but this paperback which I believe is from Follow Your Heart actually tasted like cheese! 

Moving on to the fries, I will be honest and say they were weird. The fries are called Crispy Herbed Fries, and I am not sure what type of "herbs" are on them but it is just different. I did not hate them but it just wasn't my favorite. Let's say this, I would eat them if they were in front of me but I wouldn't spend my money on buying them.

Lastly, the soda selection that comes with your meal is healthier than what is offered at your typical fast-food restaurant. I chose the Strawberry Rhubarb which was interesting. The way it tasted is hard to explain, let's say this, it is definitely not a Pepsi but it isn't Hint water either (sorry for all the Hint water fans out there!). Not sure if I would buy it on my own, but I was happy that it came with the meal.

So all in all I would give Plnt Burger a 4 out of 5 stars. The food was hot and was quickly made. The chicken sandwich was a knockout and even though the fries were lackluster it wouldn't stop me from eating here again. 

I think I will next time I will get the same sandwich because I have been dreaming about it since that day, but instead of fries I get a side of Bloomies. 

Bloomies are a ridiculous surcharge to get it added to your meal (hence why I skipped it the first time) but it is their version of a miniature blooming onion and supposedly tastes out of this world good.

Also, they are running a special right now for your first order on their app you will receive $5 off your meal. So if you are in the area, now is the time to try it!


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