The other day I was eating some vegan ramen and I started to question whether or not there was meat in my bowl. I asked myself audibly more than once- Is this meat?- even pulling out ingredients and examining what I thought looked like meat, to the point that my husband busted out laughing saying, "Didn't you make it?" 

It's true. I did make the dish and I prepared every ingredient inside that bowl of deliciousness, but I was so perplexed by the meaty texture of the one ingredient that I almost fooled myself into thinking it was meat.

That "meaty" plant was a baby portobello. I have a deep love for mushrooms and have used them in many dishes before, so I know they can be meaty but it was something about the combination of spices and cooking it in the air fryer that day that took it to a whole other level.

That little mushroom lead me to create a vegan pulled pork bbq sandwich, using mushrooms as the pork. The best mushrooms to use for this dish would probably be King Oysters but since I can easily find portobellos and not King Oysters, I chose to use portobellos for the dish. I encourage you though, to experiment with different types to see which one would fit best. 

Also, for a pulled pork look you can simply pull apart the mushrooms using two forks to shred it similar to how you would shred actual pork or chicken, or if you are like me and you want the lazy way, you can use kitchen scissors to cut them into strips. 

I also want to note that I used my air fryer (Why? because it's simply one of the best kitchen appliances ever created!) but I am sure this recipe could work baked or even cooked by slowly sautéing it on a stovetop.

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich


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