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Vegan Cream Cheese


Lately, I have been on a MAJOR bagel kick. Major as in, I have pretty much been eating one bagel for lunch everyday for almost 2 weeks. Okay, so yeah bagels may not be the healthiest choice but it sure is delicious!

The perfect thing to go with a hot New York bagel, really any bagel is cream cheese. Vegan cream cheese can vary in taste some good and some just downright nasty! My favorite store bought cream cheese is Spero. Spero can be found online or at Whole Foods. This post is not sponsored by them I just genuinely think they sale an amazing product, I even did a YouTube video review about it. It’s cringy, fair warning, but still informative.

If you want to make your own cream cheese then this is your recipe! It’s so simple, healthy, cost effective, and quick to make. Oh, and it’s only 3 ingredients to make regular cream cheese and then just a few ingredients more to make it any flavor you choose. Check out my Instagram to see the beautiful purple blueberry flavored cream cheese I made, smeared all over a piping hot bagel!

Click the link below for the recipe:

3 ingredient Vegan Cream Cheese

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