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Air Fried Chips

         If you ever visit my place, then you will know how much my husband and I love our air fryer. I mean we love it so much, we literally have two! Seriously, we have two air fryers sitting right beside each other because we like it so much that we will make multiple things it at one time.It is probably our most used appliance in the entire kitchen and I would go on the verge of saying that we actually use it 3 to 4 times daily.

        One thing that we make in our air fryer on a weekly basis is tortilla chips. It is so easy to make, cheaper than buying store bought chips, and its not full of all those yucky preservatives.

    The best part of making homemade chips is that you can season them the way you like and its so fun to experiment with different flavors. Two that we have tried that turned our really well is cinnamon sugar chips (which is pretty self explanatory) and also Cheesy "Dorito" by using nutritional yeast. 

    Once you have the frame work down on how to make them really the flavor combinations are endless.

Click the link below for the recipe:

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