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6 Practical tips to living more sustainably


Being a more sustainable human being is something that most strive to do, but unfortunately it’s not easy. We live in a world where wanting something to be in plastic free containers typically means spending more $$$ on sed item. A world where ordering a green salad will cost you 3xs as much as ordering a dead animal. And, if you don’t live in a big city then you simply may not have access to places such as farmers markets.

Sometimes when we feel we can’t do anything right we give up trying anything at all, but every little thing we do to be kinder to the earth should be applauded. So, I wanted to share 6 tips that can help you practically practice being more sustainable.

1. Thrift Shopping-

    Okay, yes it’s trendy to shop “vintage” but it is actually a great way to use products that have already been produced instead of having to have more created. Thrift shopping encompasses more than going to a store looking for your “grandads clothes”. Before looking to buy a new electronic gadget why not look for one that is already refurbished? A lot of companies sell their own refurbished products and this is a great way to save some money also.

2. Have a water bottle- 

    This is one of the simplest things you can do! Instead of buying single use plastic water bottles, just have one that you use continually. This doesn’t have to be one of those popular expensive bottles but just one that’s practical. Also, investing in a filter for your home is a great idea as well. 

3.  Take 1 less plastic bag-

    Sometimes we forget our reusable bags or due to some restrictions put in place at the moment some stores may not allow you to bring in your own bags. If either one is the case, instead of beating yourself up or feeling like oh well I just won’t worry about it, why not have the attitude of taking 1 less. If normally you would use 6 bags to put your groceries in, then take only 5. If you usually use those little green plastic bags to wrap all your fresh herbs and vegetables in individually, why not combine as many herbs and veggies as you can to use less plastic?

4. Keep some straws in your car-

    Typically we are not drinking out of straws at home unless we are drinking a smoothie or getting fancy making a piña colada or a milkshake (than straws are a must!). So instead of having a 100 glass straws in your kitchen drawer, why not keep a few in your car at all times? That way when you hit the drive through for you iced matcha oat milk latte, you can say no straw please!

5. Research & reuse your #1 food waste-

    Avoid the overwhelming feeling of what to do with all your food scraps and the feeling of being defeated because composting just doesn’t seem to be working for you. Why not try for a month to just reuse your #1 food scrap? For example, if you have coffee grounds, you could make a body scrub with it. You can use the scrub yourself and even make an eco friendly gift for your friends. Once you get in a routine of reusing your number 1 scrap then add on your 2nd food scrap, then your 3rd, etc... This will allow you to comfortably inculcate reusing food waste until it just becomes your lifestyle. 

6. Reuse glass jars

    Thanks to popular home organizing shows and Pinterest we all want fabulously organized pantries with all of our staple items in glass jars. If you taken a dive into this organization world you know glass jars can be pricey. You can still get that beautiful aesthetic by reusing glass jars you already have. For example, I keep my beet root powder in a former pickle jar. I also store quinoa it a former ginger jar. You can also, use these jars to pack lunches and leftovers in.


    I hope these simple 6 tips are an easy way to help you transition into living a more sustainable life. Remember, doing anything even if it’s something you feel is only a tiny step to help the environment, it is still something that should be celebrated!

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