Taquitos used to be our favorite late night snack or quick dinner. My husband and I would get the frozen box ones from Target fry them up in the air fryer and in 10 mins we had the prefect finger food to eat and watch tv.

Thinking about how easy and how much we loved those frozen savory treats I thought, why not make my own. Its way cheaper to make them yourself, you can freeze them and pop them into the air fryer or oven whenever you want, plus you can customize them to whatever your preference is.

I made these with sweet potato, black beans ( a go to combo), and mushrooms. But seriously, you can make them with whatever filling you want! I actually think these would be super delicious with a little cheese sprinkled in. 

Rather you are looking for a great dinner or a game day appetizer these taquitos are a perfect hand held meal.

Click link below for recipe:


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