If you know anything about us Southerners, we love fried chicken. Even though I do not currently reside anywhere close to the south of the Mason Dixon line, my love of fried chicken still runs deep with in my blood. You can take the girl out of the south......

If you have been following my food blog or instagram for some time you may have noticed a major shift in the type of recipes I post about. Now I focus on meatless meals. With this major dietary change I have undergone, I will be honest in saying I miss the flavor of real southern fried chicken.

Of course before you say it, yes I have tried many fried chicken  substitutes. To be honest some, well a few, have been pretty good, like the Wholes Food 365 brand plant based frozen fried chicken patties but I also have eaten a ton and I mean a ton of just really disgusting mush like ones that should not legally be able to be called "chicken".

One thing I like about the recipe I am posting, is that it is not a substitute but rather a vegetable- cauliflower to be exact! 

Your mind will be blown once you experience cauliflower the southern fried "chicken" way!!!

Click the link below for the recipe:


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