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Having been raised in the South, Shrimp and Grits has always been a staple dinner item from local restaurants to a home cooked meal where the entire family is gathered. 

Grits in itself is a major southern comfort item and can be flavored as a sugary breakfast item, I grew up eating sugary grits and eggs pretty much every Saturday morning or they can be prepared as a savory dinner item, such as Shrimp and Grits. 

Growing up, I honestly thought that shrimp and grits were as normal as chicken and waffles! This statement is probably 100% true only in the sense that when I moved up North, people thought both dishes were a very strange combo. Of course, those people never actually tried either dish before commenting.

One of my favorite ways to eat Grits as a kid was with tons and tons of cheese. My vegan version brings that same cheesy flavor explosion but with out  using any animal products. It's healthier, lower calorie, but brings that same southern comfort that you expect from a dish like this.

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