If you have been reading my blog for sometime then you know how much I love dips. I find myself more times then I should eating a bowl of dip and chips for dinner. Its just a comforting easy go to meal, my favorite kind.

Dips are definitely something that is synonymous with watching sports. When a big game comes on you just need something for your chips to swim in. One dip that is super popular to eat while watching that ball fly into the air (pretty much all major sports consist of some type of ball flying) is Buffalo Chicken Dip.

There is something just so satisfying by eating something that is simultaneously tangy, hot, and salty. My version is a tad bit healthier substituting the meat for beans. It's crazy how you will completely forget this buffalo chicken dip doesn't actually have any chicken in it.

Click link below for the recipe:

Buffalo "Chicken" Dip


Tony said…
Going to make this for football this weekend!

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