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The beauty of a burger is really how versatile it is.  Even though the basis of all burgers includes a patty usually between two pieces of bread, that one patty can be transformed into so many new and innovative ways!

A quesadilla burger is a great example of this! There is something about two hot tortillas (especially if they are fresh) that amps up any dish.

I keep this burger pretty simple but feel free to pile on what ever you like to stuff in between the tortillas.

One thing you will find different about this quesadilla recipe is that I don't add any cheese to it. I know its crazy, literally the word cheese "queso" is in the name of the burger!

 I decided instead of cheese to use my Green Goodness Dressing. It gives the creamy effect of cheese but it is way healthier for you. And if you want to have cheese on it, my Green Goodness Dressing is still a great topping to add to this burger.

Oh, and did I mention the patty is only 5 ingredients!? This burger is so simple, plus its completely plant based.

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