Macarons ( pronounced ma -ka -raanz) are beautifully delicate French cookies that are light and aromatic. They are made with almond flour which means they are atomically gluten free (whoop whoop! Just FYI, always check the allergen list since certain fillings may include gluten ) unfortunately, it also means that these cookies are a delicacy that can not be enjoyed by those with nut allergies (sorry hubby!). 

You will find many articles if you Google it, about why these cookies have to be made with almond flour. In your Google search, don't be surprised if you find articles about a few brave souls who have attempted to make them with coconut flour. Ive seen all of those coconut YouTube videos, and yes, they always claim they bake and taste just the same. I am here to tell you, I've tried making it with coconut flour and yeah, it was an epic fail. So save yourself many hours from falling down that dark and windy worm hole, and stick with the almond flour.

Now, I by no means claim to be a macaron expert, but I have had more than my fair share of this delightful French treat. From Parisian macarons  (before you ask, yes I have been to Laudree in Paris and if you don't know what Laudree is then please do some research, they are the OG of this cookie!) to the frozen Trader Joes Macarons. 

(A picture from my time in France!)

 One of the best places I recommend to order macarons from, is Kayla's Cakes located in downtown Disney California. Don't worry if you live no where near C.A., Kayla's ships all over the U.S. in a temperature moderated box to keep each cookie perfectly intact until they reach your door.

One reason why I love Kayla's is because the flavors are innovative and creative. They are reasonably priced, so delicious, and depending on the season they are known to add some extra flare to the actual shape of the macarons.

Some  flavors they offer are:

Below I am holding one of my favorite flavors they make, Fruity Pebble! It's definitely a nostalgic throw back to childhood, but with the added complexity and sophistication of an adult treat. 

To find out more or to order check out Kayla's Cake's instagram or website!


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