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I love when I can intertwine recipes to create a culinary master piece from my boring left overs. I think my excitement for leftover stems from growing up and never really liking or really having to eat them.

I know for so many people, eating leftovers is not even a choice since not eating them can be wasteful and financially expensive (don't worry ours never went to waste my dad was literally a human garbage disposal, he always ate them!).

As an adult, I have learned to love leftovers because I realized it doesn't have to be the same, boring, unexciting thing you ate from the night before. With a little preparation you can create 5 totally different meals from 2. 

This dip was created for a new way to use my eggplant burger recipe. I like to make a few burgers and freeze them, then we can just take one out whenever we are hungry and quickly reheat it. So this really helped to bring some extra excitement to the dinner table.

The beauty of this dip is that it taste delicious with or with out the burger pieces inside of it. So if you are having a hard time fining eggplant in these current circumstances or you are just running low on time, you can still create this spinach dip with out sacrificing any of the flavor.

I also have a few other recipes I will upload that will use this same dip. That way you can get all your cooking out of the way on Monday yet still enjoy delicious meals the entire week.

Click the link below for the recipe:

Eggplant Spinach Dip

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