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Lavender is a flower that is known for its vibrant purple color, its medicinal properties, and its potent fragrance. When it comes to cooking with lavender you quickly learn a little goes a long way.

Two of my favorite things to whip up with lavender are lavender lattes and lavender mint green tea. Both are so refreshing and so simple to make with my lavender simple syrup.

A few tips when cooking with lavender:

1. If you are going to ingest lavender, it's very important to buy a culinary grade lavender. It may be more expensive, but it's the only way to safely eat this beautiful flower.

2. As stated earlier, a little goes a long way! Lavender has a very distinct and proud flavor. It can easily dominate any dish, so make sure to be more light handed when adding it to things.

3. As beautiful and vibrant as this purple flower is, the color doesn't always transfer to the dish or drink. So if you are looking for that color to transcend to what you are making don't be afraid to add a little purple food coloring as well.

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