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Have you ever had leftover hummus that you want to eat but you want something more substantial then chips and dip? If so, this recipe is for you!!

I love when I make a recipe that I can eat in a versatile way through out the entire week. It saves both time and money, as well as helps to eat up all your left overs with out feeling like you are eating leftovers.  

This recipe is based on my Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus. I will make this hummus on a Monday and my husband and I will snack on it with chips or veggies. We will then take this same same hummus and eat it for breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday by making Cilantro Hummus Toast. Then we will use it on Thursday as a pasta sauce for dinner.

In every instance the hummus really transforms with each dish it's paired with and the flavors become more layered. It's honestly is a new experience with each dish.

On reason I enjoy using hummus as pasta sauce is because it packs more protein then a Tomato sauce or an Alfredo sauce. Also, it has the feeling of pesto which is a great alternative for someone who has a nut allergy ( check out my recipes for Kale Pesto and Nut Free Pesto). 

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