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Nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread that taste good on basically anything. The company has gotten a lot of criticism in the news over the years for their ingenious advertising campaigns making consumers believe that a chocolate spread can actually be healthy.

Sorry to disappoint,  but it is chocolate and with a whopping 200 calories per 2 tbs there is no way Nutella could even remotely be considered as "healthy".

With that being said, balance is the key to life and there is nothing wrong with having a little chocolate hazelnut in your life every now and then.

When it comes to balancing the calories that come with this treat, they can really add up not just with how much spread you use, but also what you decide to dip into it.

As amazing as Nutella covered potato chips sound (Hey! I don't be surprised if actually decide to create that.) using  popcorn could actually be the healthy choice.

With only 31 calories per cup of air popped popcorn, there is no guilt that needs to be felt by devouring this tasty treat.  

Click the link below for the recipe:

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