Fount Coffee + Kitchen is one of the newest additions to the Raleigh, North Carolina Trendiest coffee shops scene.

Fount is one of my favorite coffee shops to visit in Raleigh, especially when the weather is warm because they have garage style doors that open all the way up, so you can feel like you are outside when are you are actually in (and avoiding the sweltering sun!)

It's located just minutes away from the RDU airport, so it is a perfect spot to hang out at if you have a long layover. 

Fount has a very uncomplicated menu. It does have a good variety of items mostly consisting of brunch type foods. They have amazing smoothie bowls, a toast menu (there avocado toast was on point!), and Kombucha on tap.

This is a great place to eat at if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. Everything on the menu is gluten free. 

There baked goods are also dairy free and vegan, they even have non-dairy milks, including oat milk which is my personal favorite!

The vibe of the coffee shop is definitely geared toward young professionals and the decor is a very minimalistic clean style. If coffee just isn't your thing, this is still a spot I would recommend to check out because they also offer wines and beer the you can pair with a charcuterie board.


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