I feel like chicken wings are a staple item to have when watching any sports game or even when having a game night with a couple of friends.

They pair perfectly with a cold glass of beer, chips & dip, and of course french fries.

Wings in no shape or form would be something I would consider to be healthy, and these are no exception to the rule but man are they delicious!

When you think of cauliflower you wouldn't necessarily think of chicken wings but don't turn your nose up just yet! The flavor these cauliflower wings pack mixed with the crispiness from pan-frying them really does make you feel like you are actually eating a chicken wing.

Plus, you are getting in some veggies (even if it is fried!) so that is always a positive. 

Click The Link For the Recipe:


L.Stanga said…
I love these cauliflower bites so much. They are easy to make and are a really great replacement for those who don’t eat meat or just want to try something new.

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