403 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA


The Rosemary Latte which can be found at The Perennial in Chapel Hill, NC. It is a fragrant bold latte that is a must try if you are visiting this quaint town.

The Perennial is a hole in the wall coffee shop can be found right by UNC's campus and I can almost guarantee, that every table in this small two story shop will be occupied at any given time. The brick walls and live greenery will make you feel like you have been transported from NC to a chic downtown spot in SOHO.
This drink is bold and refreshing with a potent rosemary bite at the end of every sip. It is not overly sweet and pairs well with the shortbread cookie they garnish the plate with. My only criticism: Why not garnish with two cookies instead of just one? Just saying!
This latte consists of :
2oz Espresso
Muddled Rosemary
1oz Organic Honey
8oz of Silky Steamed Milk


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